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All parts are original government issue.
We reserve the right to limit the
quantity of items ordered. Quantity
orders require approval for each
order placed (call first).

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Hammer strut
Our Price: $4.00
Extractor spring
Our Price: $4.00
Hammer strut, used. Extractor spring, used. Safety catch detent spring, used.
Magazine safety spring
Our Price: $4.00
Firing pin sping
Our Price: $5.00
Trigger pin
Our Price: $6.00
Magazine safety spring, used. Firing pin spring, used. Trigger pin, used.
Magazine safety pin
Our Price: $6.00
Sear spring
Our Price: $6.00
Firing pin retaining pin, used. Magazine safety pin, used. Sear spring, used.
Grip safety pin
Our Price: $6.00
Hammer pin
Our Price: $8.00
Upper hammer spring plunger, used. Grip safety pin, used Hammer pin, used.
Hammer spring
Our Price: $8.00
Safety catch detent
Our Price: $9.00
Catch lock
Our Price: $9.00
Hammer spring, used. Safety catch detent, used. Catch lock, used.
Grip safety lever
Our Price: $9.00
Grip safety lever
Our Price: $9.00
Grip safety
Our Price: $15.00
Grip safety lever with ball
bering, used.
Grip safety lever with out ball
bering type, used.
Grip safety, used.
Slide stop spring
Our Price: $15.00
Magazine safety
Our Price: $18.00
Grip safety spring
Our Price: $20.00
Slide stop spring, used. Magazine safety, used. Grip safety spring,used.
Firing pin
Our Price: $20.00
Lanyard ring
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $22.00
Firing pin, used. Lanyard ring, used. Trigger, used.
Our Price: $26.00
Our Price: $28.00
Extractor, used. Hammer, used.