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Sling button, steel Guard screw bushing Sear spring
Sling button, steel
Our Price: $2.00
Guard screw bushing
Our Price: $3.00
Sear spring
Our Price: $3.00
Sling button used on most all
Mauser's from most countries.
Rear guard screw bushing.
Very good condition, bright
not blued.
Sear spring, used. There are differences
in the way they are made (coil number, length) but this is
mostly dependent on which country
made them and not so much as to model.
Sear pin/trigger pin sling swivel Bayonet lug pin
Sear pin/trigger pin
Our Price: $3.00
sling swivel
Our Price: $3.00
Bayonet lug pin
Our Price: $3.00
Sear pin and also trigger pin.
Used on all Mauser's but they
can be hard to put in because
they were made by so many
different countries and the specks
vary (can't tell to look at them). Pins
that look the same but are longer are
floor plate catch pins (trigger pins were
also used for this catch).
Replacement sling swivel for
rear band's or butt swivel's. NEW, not blued.
Bayonet lug pin, standard.
Israeli bay lug pin Solo Bay. lug pin Hand Guard Screw
Israeli bay lug pin
Our Price: $3.00
Solo Bay. lug pin
Our Price: $3.00
Hand Guard Screw
Our Price: $3.00
Israeli bayonet lug pin, new
parkerized. These are slightly
longer then needed so they can
be made to exact length needed. Second
photo shows standard left and the one offered
here right. New parkerized. See "QT. Items" for
quantity pricing (search part # 1064-148A).
Solothurn bayonet lug pin.
They are larger in diameter
and hollow compared to
standard pin's.
Mauser hand guard screw, very good condition.
These are the standard type used on almost all
98 Mauser rifles. They hold the hand guard in place
at the mid point and also keeps the rear sight
base from turning.
Cleaning rod nut, square Cleaning rod nut, Convex type Cleaning rod nut, concave type
Cleaning rod nut square type. These are
the standard type used on most short
rifles like the FN's, 98K's, VZ's, etc.
They go into the barrel channel.
Cleaning rod nut, convex type. These
are used on most long rifle's and are
held in place by the rear band. The
bottom is rounded to contour the rear band.
Cleaning rod nut, concave type. Used
on early Mauser's that took very long
cleaning rods. They are mounted back
by the receiver inside.
98K Ft. sight base screw CZ VZ-24 ft. sight cover screw 98K rear sight base screw
98K Nazi (or Israeli 98K) front sight
base screw, NEW. Does not fit most
other Mauser's.
CZ VZ-24 front sight cover screw.
Screw only, no cover.
98K Nazi (or Israeli) Mauser rear
sight base screw, new unissued
98K rear sight pin Rear Sight Pin, Standard Sling button Brass
98K rear sight pin
Our Price: $3.00
Sling button Brass
Our Price: $3.00
98K Nazi (or Israeli) Mauser rear
sight pin. New unissued. These are
smaller in diameter then standard
Mauser pin's
Standard rear sight pin as used on
almost all Mauser's. Not for 98K or
GEW Mauser's but fits almost all other 98's.
Mauser sling button, BRASS.
Used on most earlier Mauser's
and most other European countries that
made them. They were mixed in with
steel buttons so we sorted with a magnet.
Some slings (not all) used a flap to protect the
wood from the button, see photo three.
Sling parade loop 98K Nazi sling button Front sight base screw
Sling parade loop
Our Price: $3.00
98K Nazi sling button
Our Price: $3.00
Front sight base screw
Our Price: $4.00
Sling parade loop, steel. Used to synch
sling to a hook on the front band on some
Mauser's tightening them close to butt stock.
Said to be for parades but used more as a
useful thing when gun is not on shoulder.

98K Nazi Mauser sling button, NEW, steel.
Button only, not with other parts that
make up the "K" sling buckle. Most
have a tiny "spike" on there base which
is probably to help hold them to the leather.
Front sight base screw, NEW.
Fits Carcano, 93 Mauser, and
98 D.W.M. front sight bases.
Does not fit 98 K Mauser base.
This version is shorter and fits the Carcano.

Front sight blade, new Follower spring, used VZ-24 rear band screw, slot
Front sight blade, new
Our Price: $4.00
Follower spring, used
Our Price: $4.00
88 (commission) or 91 or 93 or 95 or 98 Mauser
front sight blade, NEW. These are standard height
and not high.
Follower spring, used. CZ VZ-24 rear band screw, slot type.
There are two types, one with a "slot"
screwdriver head and one with a
"spanner" screwdriver head. These
are the slot type (both interchange).
Second photo shows spanner type.
China front band W/hook Rear band China Front band pin
China front band W/hook
Our Price: $4.00
Rear band China
Our Price: $4.00
Front band pin
Our Price: $4.00
China front band with hook type.
They are held in by a cross pin
(sold separately).
Chinese rear band. These are not cleaned.
They are crude compared to European
made bands. They were used
on both the 98 and 1888 Chinese rifles.
Front band pin. Used on some 98's
like the Israeli K and the Chinese rifles.
They hold the band to the butt stock
instead of band springs.
Ft. band spring, std. Rear band spring 98K Israeli rear band spring
Ft. band spring, std.
Our Price: $4.00
Rear band spring
Our Price: $4.00
Front band spring. These are the
most common type used on almost
all 98 Mauser rifles from most countries.
We have thousands in stock.
Rear band spring. These are used on
almost all 98 Mauser rifles from most
countries. Thousands in stock.
98K Israeli rear band spring.
Same as standard rear band
springs but parkerized and
NEW in condition.