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Are you on the hunt parts for a Ljungman AG42B for? Do you need parts for your Swedish Ljungman semi-automatic rifle? When it comes to obsolete, military equipment and supplies, you can't beat Springfield Sporters. Since 1961, we've been proud purveyors of curios and relics from World War II and prior, and we're confident you won't find a better selection or more competitive prices elsewhere.

Finding parts for a 6.5 Swedish rifle doesn't have to be difficult. Whether you need a hammer spring, an ejector, an extractor spring, a globe front sight or some other major or minor part for your rifle, Springfield Sporters has you covered. Our selection of AG42 rifles and parts is extensive. Through our convenient website, you can get whatever you need for your AG42. When your order for 6.5x55 Swedish rifles or parts equals $65.00 or more, it ships for free. Don't wait--place your order now!

All parts are original government issue.
We reserve the right to limit the
quantity of items ordered. Quantity orders require
approval for each order placed (call first).

For SMART PHONES use "SHOP NOW" to view or order from our extensive parts listings!
Dealers agree upon purchase to include our labeling (including our wed site address) to be passed on to there customers.

$12.50 shipping on orders below $64.99 (our actual average shipping cost per order with Fedex).
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Blank firing device pin Gas cap pin Rear sight elevator wheel pin
Blank firing device pin
Our Price: $2.00
Gas cap pin
Our Price: $3.00
Blank firing device replacement pin, NEW Gas cap pin, NEW Rear sight elevator wheel pin, NEW
Rear sight elevator wheel pin spring Rear sight ball bearing Safety pin plug
Rear sight ball bearing
Our Price: $3.00
Safety pin plug
Our Price: $4.00
Rear sight elevator wheel pin spring, NEW Rear sight ball bearing, NEW Safety pin plug, NEW
Safety spring Safety spring plug lock screw Safety spring plug
Safety spring
Our Price: $4.00
Safety spring plug
Our Price: $4.00
Safety spring, NEW Safety spring plug lock screw, NEW Safety spring plug, NEW
Action lock screw Bolt catch spring Bolt catch pin
Action lock screw
Our Price: $4.00
Bolt catch spring
Our Price: $4.00
Bolt catch pin
Our Price: $4.00
Action lock screw, NEW Bolt catch spring, NEW Bolt catch pin, NEW
Firing pin pin Extractor pin Extractor spring
Firing pin pin
Our Price: $4.00
Extractor pin
Our Price: $4.00
Extractor spring
Our Price: $4.00
Firing pin retaining pin, NEW Extractor pin (plunger), NEW Extractor spring, NEW
Gas cap screw Front sight base pin Rear sight base lower screw
Gas cap screw
Our Price: $4.00
Front sight base pin
Our Price: $4.00
Gas valve screw, NEW Front sight base pin, NEW Rear sight base lower screw, NEW
Rear sight clip Rear sight blade pin Rear sight blade spring
Rear sight clip
Our Price: $4.00
Rear sight blade pin
Our Price: $4.00
Rear sight blade spring
Our Price: $4.00
Rear sight clip, NEW Rear sight blade pin, NEW Rear sight blade spring, NEW
Trigger link spring Trigger link pin Sear pin
Trigger link spring
Our Price: $4.00
Trigger link pin
Our Price: $4.00
Sear pin
Our Price: $4.00
Trigger link spring, NEW Trigger link pin, NEW Sear pin, NEW
Magazine catch spring Guard screw lock ring Guard screw bushing
Magazine catch spring
Our Price: $4.00
Guard screw lock ring
Our Price: $4.00
Guard screw bushing
Our Price: $4.00
Magazine catch spring, NEW Guard screw lock ring, NEW
Used in three locations
Guard screw bushing, NEW
used in three locations
Stock bolt nut Butt plate screw Safety arm
Stock bolt nut
Our Price: $4.00
Butt plate screw
Our Price: $4.00
Safety arm
Our Price: $5.00
Stock bolt nut, NEW Butt plate or butt swivel screw, NEW
Sold individually.
Safety arm, NEW.