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Sling button, steel Sear spring Sear pin/trigger pin
Sling button, steel
Our Price: $2.00
Sear spring
Our Price: $3.00
Sear pin/trigger pin
Our Price: $3.00
Sling button used on most all
Mauser's from most countries.
Sear spring, used. There are differences
in the way they are made (coil number, length) but this is
mostly dependent on which country
made them and not so much as to model.
Sear pin and also trigger pin.
Used on all Mauser's but they
can be hard to put in because
they were made by so many
different countries and the specks
vary (can't tell to look at them). Pins
that look the same but are longer are
floor plate catch pins (trigger pins were
also used for this catch).
Front sight blade, new Front sight blade used, Qt. 5 WW1 German rear band
Front sight blade, new
Our Price: $4.00
WW1 German rear band
Our Price: $16.00
88 (commission) or 91 or 93 or 95 or 98 Mauser
front sight blade, NEW. These are standard height
and not high.
Front sight blade used, Qt. 5
For 88 commission or 91 Mauser or 93 or 95
or 98 Mauser.
WW1 German rear band. These were used
on the G.E.W. rifles and also some other Mauser's
such as the Siamese.