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After the success of the Mauser 1871 and the 71/84, the Mauser brothers went to work on a new version of their popular gun for the Kingdom of Bavaria. However, Germany used that design and manufactured a model for the Argentinian government in 1891. The result is the 1891 Mauser among with is the 1891 Argentine Mauser that was also sold to other countries (Peru, Turkey, Etc.), a bolt-action rifle chambered for 7.65x53mm cartridges.

At Springfield Sporters, we carry a full range of Argentine Mauser parts. If you simply need a new 1891 Argentine Mauser bolt, order it today directly from our website. So order today to restore your Argentine Mauser into a piece you’ll take pride in.

All parts original Government issue, NO copies. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of items
ordered. Quantity orders require approval first (call).


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Sear spring sling swivel Front sight blade, new
Sear spring
Our Price: $3.00
sling swivel
Our Price: $3.00
Front sight blade, new
Our Price: $4.00
Sear spring, used. There are differences
in the way they are made (coil number, length) but this is
mostly dependent on which country
made them and not so much as to model.
Replacement sling swivel for
rear band's or butt swivel's. NEW, not blued.
88 (commission) or 91 or 93 or 95 or 98 Mauser
front sight blade, NEW. These are standard height
and not high.
Ejector box (bolt stop) pin Rear guard screw bushing Magazine catch spring, rear
Ejector box or bolt stop pin, used.
Same part used on many different
firearms. The head side goes under
the box and is held in place by the
butt stock wood.
Rear guard screw bushing, NEW. Magazine catch (rear) spring, NEW.
Rifle stock cap screw set Argentine sling button BRASS multi purpose strap buckle
Argentine sling button
Our Price: $4.00
Rifle stock cap screw, NEW.
Quantity two for $4.00.
Argentine sling button, steel NEW.
They are much larger in diameter then
other Mauser buttons and are dish
shaped on there base.
BRASS multi purpose strap buckle.
Used for other equipment carried by
solders (canteen, back pack, etc.).
Original unknown manufacture used during
the Mauser time frame, unissued. European we
think as to well made for South American governments
or other co's there during that time period.

Cleaning rod nut Ejector Ejector box spring screw
Cleaning rod nut
Our Price: $5.00
Our Price: $5.00
Rifle cleaning rod nut, NEW.
The "+" mark is a simplified
version of the rising sun.
These were used on both
the 91 rifle and the 98 Argentine
Mauser rifle.
91 or 93 or 95 Mauser Ejector.
Very good condition, not blued.
Ejector box spring screw.
Butt plate screw new Follower spring, long Follower spring, short
Butt plate screw new
Our Price: $6.00
Follower spring, long
Our Price: $6.00
Follower spring, short
Our Price: $6.00
Butt plate screw rifle or carbine and also
rifle butt swivel screw, NEW.
These are Argentine manufacture.
Bright, not blued. Quantity two for $6.00
Magazine follower spring long, NEW.
Magazine follower spring short, NEW.
Carbine nose cap screw Extractor, new Safety detent with spring
Carbine nose cap screw
Our Price: $6.00
Extractor, new
Our Price: $6.00
Carbine front band (nose cap) screw and
also carbine rear band screw, used.
Extractor, NEW. We have
thousands of them in stock.
Safety detent with spring.
They go under the safety
Mainspring Saddle bar wood screw set Rear sight spring rifle, new
Our Price: $7.00
Mainspring (firing pin spring). Saddle Bar wood screw set of two, used.
These are used on both the 91 carbine and
also the 98-09 Argentine carbines.
Rear sight spring rifle, NEW.
These have the clasping hands
mark (unification of Arg. provinces)
Sear Trigger, new Magazine floor plate hinge screw
Our Price: $8.00
Trigger, new
Our Price: $8.00
Sear, NEW. These have the sun mark
symbolizing the rise of a great nation.
Trigger, NEW. These have the clasping hands
marking symbolizing the unification of the
provinces of Argentina.
Magazine floor plate hinge screw.
butt plate screw set, new Front sight blade used, Qt. 5 Magazine sections
Magazine sections
Our Price: $10.00
Mauser butt plate and butt swivel wood
screw set of two, NEW. These fit almost
all Mauser rifles and also the 88 Commission
rifle. These were made by Mauser for
Argentina and have the Arg. rising sun
mark (looks like a asterisk). Blued.
Quantity two for $9.00.
Front sight blade used, Qt. 5
For 88 commission or 91 Mauser or 93 or 95
or 98 Mauser.
Magazine front and rear sections, NEW.
Bayonet grip set 93 Turk front band spring. Magazine catch, rear
Bayonet grip set
Our Price: $10.00
Magazine catch, rear
Our Price: $12.00
Rifle bayonet grip set, NEW, aluminum.
Fitting is required.
93 Turk front band spring, used.
These are the same as 91 Argentine
front band springs except for markings.
Magazine catch, rear. Very
good condition.