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Shortly after designing the Argentine Mauser, the Mauser brothers began work on the Spanish M93, which was later adopted by other countries, including the Ottoman Empire. The Mauser 1893 was chiefly used by the Spanish in Cuba while fighting U.S. soldiers and Cuban rebels, and it has been partially credited with the ability of 750 Spanish infantrymen to hold off 15,000 advancing U.S. troops for much longer than expected. However, it was also used with astonishing success in the Philippines. This is a great rifle for collectors, but it is even better when it is restored with authentic Mauser 1893 parts and Mauser accessories.

At Springfield Sporters, we have been helping collectors maintain their classic firearms for more than 54 years, and we carry a large selection of Spanish Mauser parts. If you have any questions regarding Mauser gun parts or are looking for specific parts not listed here, contact us today. If you’re ready to order our original, authentic and government-issued parts, then look forward to free shipping on purchases of $65 or more!

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93 Mauser stripper clip Sling button, steel Stripper clip, brass
93 Mauser stripper clip
Our Price: $2.00
Sling button, steel
Our Price: $2.00
Stripper clip, brass
Our Price: $3.00
93 Mauser stripper clip, 7MM.
These work fine on Springfield
and 1917 Enfield 30/06 cal.
rifles. May have minor surface
rust (not pitted). Steel shell type
Sling button used on most all
Mauser's from most countries.
93 Mauser 7mm stripper clip, with
brass shell. These work fine on
Springfield and 1917 Enfield 30/06
Cal. rifles. They hold five rounds per clip.
Guard screw bushing Sear spring Sear pin/trigger pin
Guard screw bushing
Our Price: $3.00
Sear spring
Our Price: $3.00
Sear pin/trigger pin
Our Price: $3.00
Rear guard screw bushing.
Very good condition, bright
not blued.
Sear spring, used. There are differences
in the way they are made (coil number, length) but this is
mostly dependent on which country
made them and not so much as to model.
Sear pin and also trigger pin.
Used on all Mauser's but they
can be hard to put in because
they were made by so many
different countries and the specks
vary (can't tell to look at them). Pins
that look the same but are longer are
floor plate catch pins (trigger pins were
also used for this catch).
sling swivel Sling button Brass Front sight base screw
sling swivel
Our Price: $3.00
Sling button Brass
Our Price: $3.00
Front sight base screw
Our Price: $4.00
Replacement sling swivel for
rear band's or butt swivel's. NEW, not blued.
Mauser sling button, BRASS.
Used on most earlier Mauser's
and most other European countries that
made them. They were mixed in with
steel buttons so we sorted with a magnet.
Some slings (not all) used a flap to protect the
wood from the button, see photo three.
Front sight base screw, NEW.
Fits Carcano, 93 Mauser, and
98 D.W.M. front sight bases.
Does not fit 98 K Mauser base.
This version is shorter and fits the Carcano.

Front sight blade, new Follower spring, used Rear sight pin
Front sight blade, new
Our Price: $4.00
Follower spring, used
Our Price: $4.00
Rear sight pin
Our Price: $4.00
88 (commission) or 91 or 93 or 95 or 98 Mauser
front sight blade, NEW. These are standard height
and not high.
Follower spring, used. Rear sight pin. These hold the rear sight to the
base. Used on almost every 93, 95, 96 Swedish,
38 Swedish, etc. The only other types of rear sight pin used
on these series of firearms is for the 93 Spanish
short rifle (1916) and the 93 Turk. (which these pins
will not work on). These are NEW, unissued (Swedish).
Sear Trigger F.N. carbine rear sight spring
Our Price: $4.00
Our Price: $4.00
Sear. Used on all 93 and 95 Mauser's
of every kind. The third photo shows
the difference between the 93 (left) and
the 98 sear.98 standard sear( center) and
98 late WW2 Nazi or Israeli (right).
Trigger used on all 93 or 95 Mauser's.
Early F.N. triggers are shaped sightly
different but interchange. Photo three
shows the difference between 93/95 (top)
triggers and 98 (often confused). When we
received these from many sources they were
often mixed together as at first glance they
look the same.
F.N. Belgique carbine rear sight spring, used good.
Same as used on some Chilean Model 95 rebuilds
AND the Broom Handel pistol. They slide into a
groove on the under side of the rear sight leaf.
Standard ft. sight base screw BRASS multi purpose strap buckle Lock screw, front
Lock screw, front
Our Price: $4.00
Standard front sight base screw as used
on almost all Mauser's. Does not fit 98K Nazi.
NEW. Also can fit the Carcano front sight bases
but are longer and need shortened. These also
fit the Mauser Model 93 or 95 Front sight bases.
BRASS multi purpose strap buckle.
Used for other equipment carried by
solders (canteen, back pack, etc.).
Original unknown manufacture used during
the Mauser time frame, unissued. European we
think as to well made for South American governments
or other co's there during that time period.

Front trigger guard screw lock screw.
New, blued. Also used on some German
made 1893 trigger guards.
Ejector mainspring Extractor collar
Our Price: $5.00
Our Price: $5.00
Extractor collar
Our Price: $6.00
91 or 93 or 95 Mauser Ejector.
Very good condition, not blued.
Mainspring (firing pin spring). Mauser extractor collar, used. Same as
used on most 93, 95, 98 Mausers.
Follower spring, New Safety Spanish SR butt swivel bar
Follower spring, New
Our Price: $6.00
Our Price: $6.00
Follower spring, NEW. Safety used on all 93 or 95
Mauser's..Photo three shows
a 91 Mauser safety with its
screw to show the difference
between the two (they do not
interchange but look similar).
93 Spanish (and also Mod. 43 Spanish 98 Mauser)
side bar butt swivel with pin. They originally used
a pin with a spoon like head but gave up on this
and mostly used nails to hold the butt swivel in.
Being nails, people probably thought the pin
was not a gun part and got added to other nails or
discarded so the pins we offer with this butt swivel
we made ourselves. We have thousands of these
butt swivels in stock. Fourth photo shows two original pins
for reference. It is best not to seat the pin head all the
way in, easier to take back out if head can be grabbed.
Spanish front sight guard Rear sight spring S.R. Rear Sight Turk
Rear sight spring S.R.
Our Price: $7.00
Rear Sight Turk
Our Price: $7.00
Front sight guard for the Spanish
short rifle (1916). Very good
Rear sight spring Spanish short
rifle (1916). Very good condition.
93 or 98 Turkish Mauser rifle
rear sight. They used the same
rear sight on both models.
Turk rear sight bed W/spring Front band spring Rear band spring
Front band spring
Our Price: $8.00
Rear band spring
Our Price: $8.00
93 or 98 Turkish Mauser rear sight
bed with spring. The same bed was used
by the Turk's on both models. They are
very similar to CZ VZ-24 but much higher.
Front band spring used on most
93 or 95 Mauser rifles and carbines.
Thousands in stock.
Rear band spring used on most
93 and 95 Mauser rifles and
carbines. The cleaning rod screws
into it. Thousands in stock.